Disposable Underpad

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Disposable Underpad

Absorbent material helps contain fluid, and the polypropylene backing helps keep underpad in place.
Combines convenience, performance and value for an unbeatable combination and feature a quilted soft cotton/poly top layer for added comfort and quicker wicking away of wetness.
Integra mat bonding- for a strong, flat seal all around. No plastic edges exposed to patient’s skin.
Super absorbent – keep patients and bedsheets drier.

1. Super absorbent: Multi-layer absorber will be able to effectively absorb the urine, ultra soft and pure cotton touch, taking better care of the baby’s tender skin.
2. Breathable back film: Not only vent out the hot moisture but also allows the fresh air circulation. Make baby skin dryness and preventing diaper rash.
3. Side-leakage-proof structure: double ventilated leakage-proof sides, effectively preventing leaking along legs.
4. Aloe cover surface: Help protecting your baby skin all the time.

Disposable Under Pad Packing Carton Size (cm)
Underpad 40*60 3ply paper inside 20/300 57x29x25
Underpad 60*60 3ply paper inside 20/200 57x22x35
Underpad 75*75 3ply paper inside 10/150 40x29x38
Underpad 60*90 3ply paper inside 20/200 42x28x50
Underpad 60*60 4ply paper inside 10/200 57x42x21
Underpad 75*75 4ply paper inside 10/150 70x29x45
Underpad 60*90 4ply paper inside 10/150 60x28x25
Underpad 75*90 3ply paper inside 10/200 52x28x50
Underpad woodpulp inside Packing Carton Size (cm)
Underpad 60X60 40g woodpulp inside 20/200 57x22x38
Underpad 60X60 38g woodpulp inside with 3 g SAP 20/200 57x22x36
Underpad 65X75 60g woodpulp inside 20/200 43x40x40
Underpad 60X90 70g woodpulp inside 10/150 62x28x38
Underpad 60X90 80g woodpulp inside 10/150 62x28x45
Underpad 60X90 90g woodpulp inside 10/150 62x28x50
Underpad 75X75 60g woodpulp inside 10/150 62x28x38
Underpad 75X75 80g woodpulp inside 10/150 62x28x46
Underpad 75X90 90g woodpulp inside 10/100 52x28x46


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